Do I need a Bookkeeper?

There has been huge growth in the last couple of years in the online bookkeeping platforms. All the fancy snazzy adverts tell you that you can do it all yourself, it’s easy, you don’t need a bookkeeper. You can even, with one click of a button submit VAT returns and self-assessments.

Do I need a bookkeeper?

So you may be asking, do I even need a bookkeeper?

YES, if you value your business.

The adverts may tell you that you can do it yourself but…

  • do you know where you need to post things in your accounts? Is it a P&L figure or a balance sheet figure?
  • do you know if there is VAT on it and if there is VAT then is it claimable against your business?
  • can you tell the difference between zero-rated VAT and Exempt from VAT?
  • do you understand how to do journal entries?
  • can you correct things when they go wrong?
  • do you know the difference between a business expense and a claimable expense?
  • do you understand how to do bank and nominal reconciliations?
  • can you find the reports that you need and understand how to interpret them?
  • do you understand making tax digital and all that entails?

We have 3 fully qualified bookkeepers with a combined experience of 29 years waiting to speak to you about how we can make sure that you have accurate information in the format that you need in the timescale that you need it.

Please get in touch to find out how we can help your business with your bookkeeping and so much more.