It’s the final (payroll) countdown…

It’s that time of year – if you are an employer, your thoughts should also be turning to your payroll and your end of year task list.

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Santa Surprise! It’s time for self-assessment …

Christmas is a busy time for anyone, let alone when you have a small or medium sized business to run. We all have a lot on our plates; trying to source the perfect gifts, getting hold of a turkey (preferably one that doesn’t cost the earth), finding a decent tree and making time to decorate it, making sure that Grandma has enough sherry … but have you thought about self-assessment?

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New Penalty Regime – an own goal for HMRC?

In their infinite wisdom, HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) have created a new combined regime to replace the existing penalty schemes under Making Tax Digital (MTD) for VAT as well as MTD for Income Tax Self-Assessment (ITSA).

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Do I need a bookkeeper?

Do I need a Bookkeeper?

There has been huge growth in the last couple of years in the online bookkeeping platforms which may have you wondering – do I even need a bookkeeper?

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HMRC Payments on Account

HMRC Payments on Account can be quite complicated to understand and confuses many people.

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Becoming Self-Employed

Once you have taken the decision to become self-employed aside from getting motivated to find work, there are a number of other things that you have to consider. Things that no one warns you about.

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Don’t let self-assessment be a surprise this Christmas

Deadline for self-assessments is 31st January 2018 – in only 8 weeks. If you haven’t considered your self-assessment yet you need to address this urgently.

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